The Hottest Properties in Cyprus You Need to know About

The Hottest Properties in Cyprus You Need to know About

Resources Sunday, 14 February, 2021

Real estate market is eventually picking up momentum after COVID-19. Buyers are eyeing for quick gains due to downfall in the pricing of properties. No doubt, this is the best time to invest and secure lucrative profits in the coming years. The best part about real estate is that you get a secure asset in your investment portfolio. And, later you can either choose to sell or keep it depending on the market situation, there is absolutely no loss forever.

Cyprus is among those real estate markets where buyers and investors frequently shuffle through thousands of locations each day to grab the most desirable one. If you’re among that group of people, you are probably here to drill down further into your excursion to spot the hottest property in Cyprus. To make it even more simple and clear, we have rounded up five hottest locations that you can buy while searching for Cyprus real estate properties. Let’s take a look. 

  1. Paphos

When you start to evaluate locations based on demand and desirability levels, Paphos is certainly the trendsetter in here. You can find almost every sort of property in here which you can find nowhere else in Cyprus. Well, these patches of land and architecture are no less than dazzling diamonds at least from a cost point of view. Here you can spot everything you need to diversify your investment portfolio in real estate. Most sought after properties encompasses apartments, villas, residential houses, and townhouses. Therefore, you should keep this location on your priority list while finalizing your investments.

  1. Limassol

After the Pahphos, Limassol is inevitably the hottest property on the radar of most investors. Limassol is a peaceful city and a preferred tourist destination. Along with dozens of parks, there are lakes, shopping malls, and a lot more to wander around. That is what makes it an absolute gemstone in the collection of real estate markets. You can purchase apartments, condo, cottage,and many more spectacular ones here.

  1. Larnaca

No doubt making profit in real estate is opportunistic and getting down to the business at the right point of time. Larnaca has been particular in the demand here due to its quality of life it entails for the local and of course the plenty of employment generation capability. So, people buy here often and definitely it has a lot of scope in the coming years. Some of the properties selling around here are apartments, villas, and residential houses.

  1. Famagusta

Don’t count on one location because there are numerous others in line to attract your attention. Most of them are profitable, ready to expand your investment multifold. Famagusta has all the elements you need to surprise buyers. Beautiful, peaceful, and lively, there are several benefits of purchasing a dream home in this cheerful city of Cyprus.

  1. Protras

The last one on our list of the hottest properties in Cyprus is Protras. Protras has a few properties under “For Sale” signs. Since, the realtors are in close contact with almost most of the people, every property comes for sale within a few weeks. So, whatever you find here is surely to grab without wasting much time.


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