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Advertising Agreement

Once you have decided to sell your property, you can contact Demev Group for a presentation of advertising services offered. The next step would be to sign an Advertising Agreement which will give the right to Demev Group to market your property, will detail the responsibilities of each party and describe the agreed fee for such marketing services and the terms and conditions.

MARKETING CHANNELS and is a top ranking website and provides hundreds of leads each month. Your property will be listed on the website with all its details and photographs.

Property Portals

Demev Group spends a considerable amount of money promoting properties though international website portal including,,, and

Demev Group Associates Programme

Demev Group has developed an extensive network of partnerships with professionals and real estate related companies in the UK, Russia, China and other countries around the world. Your property will be marketed by our Associates in their respective countries

Email Campaigns

Your property is sent by email to our ever growing list of contacts

Telephone Campaigns

In-house and outsourced specially trained staff will promote your property to interested buyers around the world

Property Exhibitions

Demev Group may attend international property exhibitions from time to time where properties are promoted to investors


The right property price can make a property sell fast.


If you price your property too high, you might not even receive an offer on it and make it almost impossible to sell especially in a market with lots of properties for sale on the market. Setting a too low of a price and you might be forgoing important profits.

So how do you set the right price for your property?


Look at similar properties currently for sale in your area or even other areas with the same characteristics as your. You should price your property around the average price of comparable homes. However this may be misleading especially if for some reason, properties in your area have been overpriced. Sold property prices are a better indicator


These are properties that have actually sold. Although a property owner may not have access to such information an estate agent or property valuer does. Keep in mind that listed properties do not sell for the listed price. They sell for less. So finding out the actual price similar properties have sold at in your area or similar areas it is critical.


Are you in a buyers market or a sellers market. Is the economy booming or slowing down? What is the future outlook for the Cyprus economy?

All these are important questions to have an answer for when deciding on setting the right asking price for your home.

As a general rule, when there is little development or resale property stock but the demand is increasing (perhaps more foreign buyers interested in buying in Cyprus) and when the economy is booming, then property prices will be on the rise and asking prices will also.


These are some important factors that play a significant role in property price setting

Is your home close to amenities, perhaps a park or sits on the beach front? Is it part of an elite development or has breathtaking views? Location, location, location. It can add thousands to your asking price.

You would not expect a 20 year old home to be in top condition. Which can negatively affect your home’s selling price. But if your aged house is looking like it has just been delivered to you, this should be reflected in the price


Repairs, remodels, renovations or upgrades, any updates you make to your home prior to selling will have a positive impact on its value.

Unfortunately, not all updates are equal. What you bought the home for plus the money you’ve put into it, do not equal the asking price. Certain renovations and remodeling projects have a better return of investments.

Home staging

When you’re selling your home, you want it to look its absolute best for the potential buyers who walk through the door. Here are some quick tips you should be aware of when selling a home

Stage where it counts

Not all rooms are considered equal when it comes to home staging. You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions, which are the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen

De-personalize the space

One of the primary objectives of home staging is to help prospective buyers visualize the space as their own. The fastest way to accomplish this is to set as blank of a canvas as you can.

Start by removing any personal photos, making sure to take down both framed photos on walls and surfaces and anything that’s hanging on your fridge and any other personal items in other rooms.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more desirable The less clutter you’ve got in the space and the closets, the bigger it will look and the more appealing it will be to buyers.

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

You want every square inch to shine, from the baseboards to the corners of your ceilings and everywhere in between. A squeaky clean home suggests to buyers that the current tenants took good care of the property, a notion that extends beyond the kitchen counter tops to the entire house

Patch and repair

Go room to room removing any scuffs from walls.. You may need to do some paint touch ups too, if you notice areas where previously applied paint has chipped.

Make a good first impression

The first thing a buyer is going to see when they walk up to your house is the front entrance, so you want it to make a strong positive impression. Add a touch of hominess with a simple doormat and perhaps a potted plant or two, provided they are in perfect condition. Keep the space simple but welcoming.

Let there be light

Dark rooms are sad rooms. Brighten up by letting as much light shine in the house as possible. areas.) Turn on all the lights in your house for showings, including lamps and closet lights.

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